The Mandorla
An Ancient Symbol for Today's World

ur name - Mandorla Resources International - is inspired by the Mandorla, an ancient symbol that offers hope and practical healing for the conflicts of today's world. Two overlapping circles, representing the interdependence of different worlds or energies, form the Mandorla, a shape revered by multiple cultures around the planet. The Italian word for "almond," Mandorla refers to the union of opposites, such as Heaven and Earth, Masculine and Feminine, known and unknown, and other paradoxical partners.

To step into the Mandorla is to move beyond "either-or" thinking - even beyond ideas of common ground or compromise - and stand in the tension of opposites long enough for something new to emerge. In the realm of the Mandorla, the whole truly yields something greater than the sum of its parts, opening doors of possibility, discovery, and creativity.

The Mandorla inspires action informed by a spirit of courage, curiosity, compassion, and collaboration. Whether addressing personal conflicts, business issues, social concerns, or spiritual questions, the Mandorla's message offers a balm for wounds suffered in a contentious world of "us vs. them," and "might makes right." It demonstrates the principle of "power with," rather than "power over," and it stands as a signpost on the path of walking between opposites.

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Contemporary Implications

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The Mandorla Through History
"Mandorla People"

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